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My name is Sean. I'm a Sophomore at Boston University studying acting and this is my Zelda blog and my personal blog. *FORMERLY SKYWORLD101*. (PLEASE REBLOG DON'T REPOST)

So a couple of friends and I went out today to Hooters after we finished moving one of them’s furniture into a storage unit. Now if you knew me in real life then you would understand that I’m probably the last person who would ever willingly venture into a Hooters. Like ever. But I did because I’m a team player. Anyway, I ended up feeling like a shitty person afterwards because I saw exactly what the employees had to put up with. But all my friends would say in response is “well they chose to work here.” I had a hard time swallowing that because I feel like no one deserves to be objectified in that manner, man or woman. I feel like people choose the life they think they deserve. I don’t care who you are, where you come from, what you’ve done; every single soul on this planet deserves love, respect, and happiness.